Servidores MeRCeNaRioS -={GGS}=-

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Team Speak Server: Pass: mercenarios

Server=CoDWW "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-  COD5 1.1 ORIGINAL-HARDCORE"
Server=CoD2 "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- ::.CoD2 | 1.3.::"
Server=CoD2 "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- ::.CoD2|PAM2.04|Wars|Training.::"
Server=CoDUO "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- ::.AWEUO::2.12::"
Server=CoD2 "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- ::.mod_CER(LR5)1.2 | Realismo.:: "
Server=CoD2 "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-Only Rifles ::.CoD2 | 1.3.::"
Server=CoD4 "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- ACEMOD DISFRUTING COD4 V.1.7"
Server=CoD4 "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- PROMOD WARS&TRAINING COD4 V.1.7"
Server=CoD4 "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-  hardcore Rank  COD4 V.1.7"
Server=CoD4 "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- SERVER 1 COD4 V.1.7"
Server=BF2 "" "-={GGS}=- PISTOL KNIFE"
Server=HL2 "" "MeRCeNaRioS -={GGS}=- || || – Pako’S InvolutioN – ||"
Server=MoHAAS "" "MeRCeNaRioS -={GGS}=- || *CUSTOM MAPS*"
Server=FEAR "" MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-
Server="GS2 Prot" "" MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-
Server=CoDWW "" "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-  COD5 1.1 HARDCORE"
Server=CoD2 "MeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=- ::.CoD2|PAM105|LigaMeRCeNaRioS-={GGS}=-&[TLS]" (LIGA TLS)

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